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Ultimate Settings PanelEvery time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, they seem to make the configuration option screens even harder to find. Windows 10 is no exception, and you probably find yourself continually using the search facility in order to work out how to change something as simple as the display resolution.

Ultimate Settings Panel is a rather neat utility which is actually nothing more than links to all of the key Windows configuration screens. Having all of these links in one place is really useful. Plus, it also knows about key browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, and includes buttons that will launch these in various modes such as the kiosk setting.

Ultimate Settings Panel is available for free in a Lite version, and is also portable so there's nothing to install. Just download it and unzip it, then run the program. The download is less than 2 MB and you'll find it at

The download is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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Works like a charm. Was easy to download and install after confirming the email address.

Norton AV blocked the .exe. file and the .msi file in the new v,5.0 release when I tried to extract them from the .zip file.and automatically removed them from my computer.

If you offered to purchase Norton for me (at no cost to me), I would not install it.

And I am Scottish,

In order for any security program to be useful it is important users understand how it works. If you read the article text you will see this application scans clear with 55 security vendors including Symantec. Please read the user guide that is available for your chosen AV in order to understand why it blocked the download. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks for the insight, MidnightCowboy. My up-to-date Norton AV flagged each file as containing the threat WS.Reputation.1, saying "There are many indications that this file is untrustworthy and therefore not safe." When I unquarantined the file and submitted it to VirusTotal, it scanned as clean. I don't know why the results should differ, and I would not have taken that extra step without your comment.

I have a not very good opinion about the types of security software that claim to "protect" users from everything and then adopt this kind of tactic. What this means as far as Norton is concerned is that any product and any website that has not been subject to their crawler bots is flagged as potentially malicious. This therefore applies to thousands of products and thousands of websites the majority of which will contain no harmful elements. IMO this level of false flagging to cover the vendor's claims renders the product practically useless as, like yourself, every time you encounter an issue like this you are left to use other services/products to confirm the result. Windows firewall plus safe surfing tactics and one of the leading free AV's is all that is necessary to stay safe. Further information at the links below you may find of interest. MC - Site Manager.

MC, well said.

Thanks for the additional comments and insight... good info for me. doesn't have a Windows 10 panel on?

Shame that as it removes the support tool nature of it.

Their home site now is offering(giving) ver 5 free -
We are pleased to announce the release of Ultimate Settings Panel version 5.0.
We have given it a complete overhaul and are now using a new user interface and redesigned options menu. There are also a number of bug fixes, code optimisation and suggested features included. Alongside this new release we have also added a support forum to allow bug reporting, suggestions and support.
Ultimate Settings Panel is now completely free with no trial periods or Pro versions. Version 5.0 replaces both the previous Lite and Pro versions.
Due to the enhanced nature of the program, there is no longer a standalone version available, but we are providing EXE and MSI installers.

I've downloaded this and installed it. This is not a wimpy computer I have by no means. I had to give my private passwords and information to get it. I am using Windows 10 version 14926. My computer seemed to run forever, the hard drive accessing what I don't know. To report a bug it asked for a user name and password. It can't find anything to put in. Finally I was locked out, now waiting for an email to unlock. Just getting started the program is giving me fits.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I will definitely pass on this one. I am more interested in portable software anyway.

Here are a couple of portable software sites that may interest you: