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LucidchartI've been working recently on a complex flowchart for my business. I've mostly been using a large whiteboard in my office, as I find that this is a good way to think about processes and develop ideas. But all those scribbles and additions have caused my masterpiece to look incredibly untidy, not to mention impossible to understand or to enhance. So it's time to move to some PC-based package in order to be able to more easily edit and improve the diagram.

In the past I've used Gliffy for online diagramming and mindmaps. You'll find it at and it's very good. It's fully browser-based, and a starter account is free. When I used to look after a complex collection of 13 servers in a previous job, I used Gliffy to create and maintain the diagram which documented the configuration, specification and purpose of each one. It was revised literally hundreds of times over the years, and Gliffy never let me down. But I feel like a change now, so I've been looking at alternatives.

I'm going to give Lucid Chart ( a try. Like Gliffy, it's browser-based and makes it easy to create diagrams and flowcharts. Unlike Microsoft Visio, it's not a hugely complex product that I need to install on my PC. And a basic account, for diagrams that comprise fewer than 60 objects, it's free to use.

So far, I'm impressed. See what you think, next time you need to organise your processes or your mind.

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