Make Android More Accessible for Novice Users with Wiser


WiserWiserNowadays, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to find a smartphone that is simple and easy to use as those of the past decade. Most of those phones had only one purpose: calling and messaging, and there are people who do not need more than that. For them, having to buy a smartphone is a headache, no matter how simple it could look, as newer phones are full of options, icons, shortcuts and other stuff that make them look clogged and heavy to the eyes of those potential users who don't need that kind of things. For them, we have Wiser - Simple Launcher.

Wiser works as a replacement for the stock launcher. It focuses only on the basics such as calling, messaging, contacts, the camera, the Gallery, and selected apps. 

Once you install it, you will confirm Wiser’s rather basic appearance, but let’s not kid ourselves, as the app is not designed for those users who have mastered the necessary knowledge and skills to tweak Android in any way they want to, absolutely not. Wiser’s main objective is to help novice users who are just getting to know Android and the way it works.

When we talk about users who do not need anything else besides the ability to call or even send or receive messages, we mean those people who, due to their age or their very own conception of a phone, prefer the old fashioned, old-style ones, because the ones we have today seem too much to them. Wiser helps to overcome that gap by allowing us to ‘convert’ that complicated phone (as those users see it) into something as simple as a ‘phone of the past with a touch screen’.

The main screen (the place where the 6 basic options are located) cannot be modified. In it, we find the contacts, the dialer, the messages, a camera shortcut, the gallery and the list of installed apps.

WiserWiser’s main interface has large icons, which greatly facilitates the viewing, and includes 2 additional panes besides the main screen: one to add our favorite contacts for quick access to them, and the other one to add shortcuts to any application we have installed, so that it could be accessed quickly. Those two panes are initially empty, and all you need to do is adding the contacts or apps that you want.

Every single thing in the app such as the notifications, the missed events, the contacts list or the dialer, is shown in a very large but visually comfortable way, thus improving the readability and leaving the problem of small text and numbers aside (yes, there are people who complain about the modern user interfaces being a headache to read), and the app’s colors are arranged in a way to avoid confusion while using the app's panes or when taping on the shortcuts.

Apps like this come in handy for seniors for instance, since it allows them to have a smartphone without worries while, on the other hand, allowing their family members to make use of the advantages of smartphones, such as the ability to install different kinds of apps (including social networks), send mail and stuff directly to the phone or, in case of an emergency, use a geo-location app to track the phone’s whereabouts.

Is Wiser limited to the novice and the elderly users? No, although it could be very useful for them, it could come in handy to any other user too, as Wiser does not limit the phone’s functions, but simply facilitates the access to the most relevant functions a user might need. Moreover, it could also help to avoid the purchase of those old feature phones with giant buttons and tiny low-resolution screens that do not support the installation of apps and have limited to null connectivity options.

Wiser’s functions can be considered rather basic, but they are in perfect order and fulfill its main objective: to be understandable and easy to use for the less knowledgeable on the subject of how Android works. It is a 5.0 MB download and can be installed on any phone running Android 4.0 and up. Needless to say, it is completely free.


Wiser - Simple Launcher — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 5.0 MB


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I did receive a reply from the developer but unfortunately it only said his app "should" work on my phones. You really don't get a chance to try it if the play store says incompatible. I was hoping the author of app would send it to me so I could side load it.

Sad to hear that. Google's restrictions can get odd sometimes. However, I you are planning to sideload it, scan the APK using VirusTotal just to make sure you downloaded a clean version.

Appears to be incomparable with "LG P-500 with Google".

Hi ggiaggia, Your phone should have Android 4.0 (or later) installed in order install Wiser. Android versions such as 3.x or 2.3.x are not supported at all.

Saw this app mentioned in another article a few days ago. It seemed like the perfect solution for a couple of novice smartphone users but unfortunately it showed as incompatible for all my devices at the play store link. I've e-mailed the app maker to see if he has an answer. Two of the phones are ZTE z665c running Android 4.1.1 and Tracfone is the phone service. The other device is an Ematic wireless only tablet running Android 4.2.2

Brilliant! This should be great especially for older and "Wiser" new smartphone users.

You are right, keithr386. I'm pretty sure that's what the author tought when he named the app. :D