An emulator for creating and managing virtual CD/DVD drives


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Clean and simple user interface, able to mount many types of image files, create image formats including ISO, BIN/CUE, NRG, UIF, compress into UIF and decompress to ISO files.
Limited to 15 virtual drives, burning images to disks not supported.

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MagicDisc, also known as MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, is another emulator designed for creating and managing virtual CD/DVD drives.

It allows you to run many types of CD/DVD images without burning them onto CDs or DVDs. It also allows you to create CD/DVD images from CDs/DVDs and save them into various formats including ISO, BIN/CUE, NRG, UIF.

This program, with a simple interface, supports up to 15 virtual disk drives.

Other features are available such as, compress ISO, NRG, CUE, MDS and CCD formats into UIF format, or decompress UIF format into ISO format. The feature for burning images to disks is not supported.

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The MagicISO website has a "Buy Now" button. Since MagicISO is the only thing they have, it appears this is not free.

Thanks for your comment.

Actually, the link was to MagicIso main site, where finding MagicDisc is not easy. The download page was in the Get It link.

I have now changed both the Get It and Site link to the MagicDisc freeware page.