Lupo PenSuite


Lupo PenSuite

A completely free suite of portable programs and games.


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Pros & Cons:

Lots of software programs. Includes some games.
Very busy website. Some false virus positives.

Our Review:

Lupo PenSuite is a completely free suite of portable programs and games (no need to be installed).

Optimized to be loaded on a pendrive, this suite works perfectly well on any hard disk. It includes over a hundred programs and lots of games, classified into several categories.

Lupo has quite a few additional apps you can add to the suite. Actually the suite is built in a way that you could almost add any portable app in the directory and just drag and drop an executable file in the suite to add to it. Very nice suite but not without a few drawbacks.

First of all there are quite a few apps that are being detected as threats by antiviruses. The ones I have checked proved to be false positives however, it does not strike you with confidence when you encounter a 'virus threat'. Also, it does not auto update like Liberkey.

Every time you try to go to the additional apps page it launches internal portable Firefox asking you to close already running applications, very annoying! On top of that it has failed to connect to the server for 3 days running.

Lupo PenSuite was reviewed by on based on version 2013.04.