Looking for Older Versions of Software? Try Old Apps (Website of the Week)


OldApps.com has current and older versions of many kinds of software. Most are for Windows (going back to Windows 95) but there are sections for Macintosh and Linux too.

From the site: "The Idea behind OldApps.com is ingeniously simple. Our mission is to provide our users with a wide assortment of current versions of familiar software, and their predecessors, for free. Our database is maintained up to date with older versions of software as they become readily available. While most web-sites provide downloads of current versions, OldApps.com caters to a different market of interest by providing older versions of the same useful programs."

Windows software categories are:

  • Messengers
  • File Sharing
  • Browsers
  • Audio Utilities
  • Video Utilities
  • CD and DVD Tools
  • Image Editing
  • Security Tools
  • Office and Editing
  • File Transfers
  • Developer Tools
  • File Archivers
  • Email
  • Drivers
  • Miscellaneous Utilities

The site loads quickly due to a refreshing lack of images. Great for limited bandwidth users :)

Visit OldApps.com

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I use http://www.filehorse.com/. Downloadable archives of old versions if you don't like the latest version. Daily updated new versions, icons, screenshots and features.

oldversion is indeed popular around here. It's a great site.
I think OldApps is a nice addition

One site who's also good imo is
when you search for software on the richt-hand side
u will find the older versions

File Hippo is a great site, I use it all the time.
Unfortunately it does not have all of the software that I use.
They do have an extensive list of previous versions.

That's one of the things I like about FileHippo, but they don't always have the program you're looking for.

It seems that http://www.oldversion.com/ is also quite popular around here :)

oldversion is indeed popular around here. It's a great site. I think OldApps is a nice addition. :)

Thanks Rhiannon and commenters. These are all new to me.

Our visitors who comment often provide excellent information about different sites and all kinds of things. I recommend reading the comments section on any page here. You guys are great. :)

I found OldApps.com long time ago and loved it!

The idea behind it can be ingeniously simple, but is absolutely good and useful!

A worthy "Website of the Week", without a doubt... thank you, rhiannon! :-)



Nice find. By coincidence I'm working on someone's computer who needs a legacy video driver. A couple of clicks at OldApps brought up all the legacy drivers I could possibly use.

This little gem saved me hours of frustration. Thanks.


I love it when that happens. A little synchronicity always gives me a smile. :)
Thanks for that, it looks like a keeper. :)

I use that one and : http://www.oldversion.com/

Both are great when you "upgrade" to a new version and it does not work as well as the old one.

I agree. More than once over the years I've needed an older version of a program with computers new and old. :)