Long War of the Chosen 2 (LWOTC) Compatible Mods


This is a list of mods compatible with the XCOM 2 Long War of the Chosen Mod.  The list only contains mods I have been able to verify in my own campaign so far.  I am also listing mods that I have verified do not work in Long War of the Chosen, also known as Long War 2 or LWOTC.  Always use the WOTC version of mods for LWOTC.

If you have played using LWOTC feel free to list any mods you know work in a comment so I can update this list.

Compatible Mods

Additional Ammo Types

Additional Icons

Advent Flashlights

Advent Mec for Spark

Ballistic Shields

Better Second Wave Mod Support

Black Market Usage

Bondmates with More Benefits

Bulletmeister Soldier Class

Canon Animation Redux

CapnBubs Accessories

Carry Unit Fix

Chimera Classes

Covert Action Missions

CPP Framework

Custom Soldiers Evac Zone Fix (Do not install independently in LWOTC, this functionality if already included.)

Dedicated Pistol Slot 2.0

Deploy Wounded Soldiers

Disable Any Class

Dual Wield Melee

Dynamic Encounter Zones

Evac All

Extended Perk Pack

Extract Corpses

Fair Lost Targeting

Female Clothing Pack

Female Hair Pack

Flamer Mod 2


Free Reload Anytime

Gene Mods

Gene Mods - Iridar's  Pack

Generic Soldier Class

Get a Rifle Grip! Animation Fix

Gotcha Again

Gravely Wounded Scars

Grimy's Loot Mod

Grimy's Loot No Boxes

Hack Plus

Hand to Hand Abilities

Hero Classes Rebalance

Hours Instead of Days

Improved Camera Updated

Instant Avenger Menus

Instant Loot

Katana Pack Reloaded

Lifetime Stats

LW2 Primary Secondaries

Male Pack

Mechatronic Warfare: Total Spark Overhaul

Missing Packages Fix + Resource

Mitzruti's Perk Pack

Mitruti's Perk Pack DLC Extension

Mod Config Menu

Mod Everything Reloaded

More Cities

More Nations & Names

More Starting Soldiers

Multiple Covert Actions

Necromancer Class

New Promotion Screen by Default (This functionality is also already included in LWOTC.)

New Target Icons

No Drop-Down Lists

No Enemy Intro

No Reveal Cinematics

Peek from Concealment

Pharmacist Class

Playable XCOM 2 Aliens

Primary Secondaries

Proficiency Class Pack

Proficiency Class Pack Plugin Reaper

Proximity Mine PG Project

Psionics Ex Machina 3.0

Rabbit Ability

Raider Faction: Bandits

Raider Faction: Chaos Insurgency

Raider Faction: Global Occult Coalition

Raider Faction: Marauders

Raider Faction: Rogue XCOM Operatives

Raider Faction Bases

Recruit Multiple Heroes from All

Recruits Conserve Character Pool

Reliable Wounds

Remove Missing Mods for WOTC

Revert Overwatch Rules Change - Needed for LWOTC

Revival Protocol Fixes

Robojumper's Squad Select - Needed for LWOTC

Robotic Spectres

Rookies Choice

Sabotage Covert Action Rebalance

Samurai Class

Sensor Fences

S.H.I.V Mod

Show Me the XP

Show More Buff Details

Skip Free Alien Move

Skirmisher Cape

Smart Overwatch All

Smooth Scrolling

Sniper Defense Fix

Soldier Development

Stabilize Me

Stats on New Promotion Screen

Stealth Overhaul

Stop Wasting My Time

Stronger Templar Parry

System Infiltration 2.2

Tactical Options

Tactical Supressors

Tactical UI Kill Counter

The MOCX Initiative - Works with LWOTC but is makes what is already a difficult mod quite a bit more difficult.  IF this mod is used with LWOTC use a mod like Additional Ammo Types that includes shredder ammunition.  The MOCX do not evacuate in LWOTC which makes them tougher to deal with than MOCX in the standard War of the Chosen game.

Tower Detection Fix

Turrets Are Cover

Unrestricted Skirmisher Reflexes

Upcoming Events

Vest Slot


XCOM Scamper

Yet Another F1

Mods that Do Not Work with LWOTC

nTex Rank Icons - The icons don't show up at all in LWOTC

US Army Rank Names - The names remained unchanged in LWOTC

Mods I Am Currently Testing

Advent Armor: Reverse Engineering

Advent Armor: Officer

Advent Armor: Purifier

Advent Armor: Shieldbearer

Advent Armor: Stunlancer

Advent Armor: Trooper

Bstar's Perk Pack

CX UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun

Empty WOTC Deco Slots for XCOM Soldiers

Expanded Callsigns & Nicknames


Immersive Names

Iridar's Vest & Plating Overhaul

Jet Packs

Perk Pack - A Better Barracks

Proficiency Class Plugin Skirmisher

Pyrrhic Victories

Reward Decks Refresher

Sensible Mission Penalties

Show Enemies & Terrain on Mission Planning

Simple True Concealment

Supercharge & Singe Abilities


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