Llama - Location Profiles


Llama - Location Profiles

A capable tool to save battery power, change profiles and perform automated tasks.


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Setting profiles and automated tasks easily, battery power saver, good combinations of actions and conditions.

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Llama is a capable automation tool or a profile changer. With this app, you can set your device to turn off Wi-Fi or even switch over to the airplane mode so that it can suspend all signal transmissions during a time duration you choose.

You just need to set it once and it does it everyday for you automatically, saving battery life substantially, and if switching to the airplane mode, you avoid any interruptions during midnights that you need to sleep well.

This app is pretty easy to use. Open it and go to Events, tap the "+" button to add an event, then tap Add Action to enable, for example, the "Airplane Mode", and enter a time period by tapping Add Condition and Time Between. This will turn your device into the airplane mode during the time frame you ask for.

To turn off the airplane mode automatically, you will also need to add another event to disable the airplane mode during a different time period basically following the same steps. You can copy, edit or disable an event, or delete it when you don't need, by touching and holding an item on the list of events.

Being a profile changer, this must-have app does more than this. You can actually automate your device to do just everything available on any conditions you set, such as start the music player when a headset is connected. In fact, the combinations of actions and conditions are endless.

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