Livedrive Users, You Need To Read This.


If you, or someone you know, has signed up with the Livedrive cloud storage network then there's something you need to know.  Livedrive has started closing people's accounts without warning.  Not everyone's account, of course.  Just a few.  And when those people contact the company to ask why, they're told that they were breaching the terms of their "umlimited storage" package by, er, storing too much stuff.

If this happens to you, and you make a fuss, Livedrive will restore your access in order that you can retrieve any important data.  However, in the experience of a couple of friends of mine, this access has its bandwidth throttled to such a degree that it is virtually impossible to download anything.  So your files are pretty much lost.

So if you're a user of Livedrive and you've backed up some important data to the service recently, make sure that the remote backup isn't your only copy.



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Thanks for posting this here, it's very good to know.

I do question the capacity of cloud services to provide ongoing and consistent service
Much like this example, there are no safeguards we can use to prevent cloud companies from changing their policies at any time
The limited size of the allowed cloud space also makes cloud storage less advantageous than external or server backups IMHO

I sent Livedrive Sales an email yesterday stating, "the internet is reporting that unlimited... " curious what kind of "explanation" they could possibly offer. While part of their statement could be true, I do not believe they have not done what Rob's article states. Especially after the closing of accounts in 2011.

NOTE - In their response below, they say that their website says "unlimited backups BUT, total capacity is 1TB."
That (in an underhanded hooey kind of way) sounds like you can backup 11 gazillion TB's worth of stuff but you can only store 1TB of it.

Smells like a tuna by-product.

Thanks Rob for possibly saving some peoples stuff that can't be replaced.

michael clyde

Livedrive's Response

"Thank you for contacting Livedrive Sales.

Livedrive is not closing business in anyway.

Livedrive has recently been bought by an american company j2 Global therefore currently Livedrive services are under review, our website does state unlimited back up however this could change with the reviews taking place. Currently the storage is limited to 1 TB.

There are plans for a fair usage policy to be introduced which may affect this.

However we have Business accounts starting from 10 TB which may be more of a use to you if you have lot's of data to store or back up, we would consider you reviewing these.

Kind Regards

Please respond to this email if you have any further questions.


Livedrive Support"

[Moderator's note: Business plan link deleted.]