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Online Radio Box

Listen to thousands of radio stations around the world online for free.

Online Radio Box has live streams from numerous radio stations around the world in various genres, formats, and AM and FM frequencies.

Online Radio Box has a good selection of radio stations that cover all genres of music from around the world. You can listen in your browser for free or via mobile apps (Android, iOS, Amazon, Aptoide, Samsung, and Huawei). It loads and plays well and needs no registration.

The player is easy to use, click the play button next to a station to start the live stream for that station. Search by country, language, genre, station name, language, city or country. Click any station to start playing or a particular radio station to go to their page.
Station pages display what’s currently playing, a playlist, and top songs on that station. The playlist shows songs from the last 24 hours. Clicking on a song will show the YouTube video for that song if it’s available.

A great feature is a link to the artist that takes you to a brief artist description and a list of radio stations that play songs by that artist. Top songs by that artist are listed under the radio stations.

Creating a list of favorite stations requires a free account. Account creation is limited to authorization using these services: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Apple,, Yandex, and VKontakte. There’s no email sign up.

Online Radio Box has a good selection of stations. It lists some popular stations in my area, which hasn’t always been the case with other online radio sites. The interface is clear and it loads and plays fast. If you want to listen to local and world music radio, give Online Radio Box a try.

Visit site: Online Radio Box

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It's almost impossible to navigate and find what I want. I want Greek folk music, but all I can find is current rock.

If there's a radio station that plays the music you want, you can ask them if they can add it.

...but the radio stations look nice, and thanks for the article.

I really dislike that there's no email signup.

I needed a quick free email address recently. Only one of the list of providers above didn't demand my phone number at the time of registration.

There is no way in hell I'm giving my phone number to my email provider. More and more, we're giving up our right to anonymity. OK they get our IPs, they browser fingerprint us etc. They can ID us. But it's the principle.

So I resist any service, such as quora, The Conversation and others, that try to gather real world identty info. Next they'll be demanding passports and driver's licences, like FB, the axis of online evil.

I would prefer they have an email account creation option. I rarely give my email address out, I use temporary email addresses. This article is one and there are great services in the comments.