Links in our newsletter not working for you? Here's a simple fix

Some users have reported that clicking the blue article titles in our daily email newsletters results in them ending up with a "OOPs - We can't find that page" message rather than taking them to the article they want to read.
The cause of the problem is clicking the article title sends you to our site via Google Feedburner. It is this redirection that is causing the problem.
The answer is simple: click the "Read More" link at the end of each article rather than the blue title. That takes you immediately to the article you want at Gizmo's Freeware rather than send you via Google Feedburner. As this is a simple URL link you should have no problems.
Alternatively you can click the image embedded in most of our articles. This too will take you directly to the article you want at our site.
Sorry about this but the sad fact is that Google have badly neglected Feedburner ever since they acquired it and many features are now permanently broken. That's probably because it is free and they don't make any money from it. Whatever, if we had the finances we'd switch to a commercial email service but with more than 120,000 subscribers getting our daily emails we simply can't afford the high cost of a commercial service with such large volumes.

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Is this why I have to flush the DNS cache sometimes? I have this same problem on several sites, not just this one. Thanks for the workaround.

Thanks for the advice. Was having the same problem myself!

I've had the same problem when using the link displayed on a gadget on startpage. Can't use the solution you suggest there.
Is there a way to quickly find the latest article at the Gizmo home (

The left hand column on our home page lists the latest articles. You can also click the "New" in our top menu which will give you a choice of "new", "updated", top rated" and more. This menu apopears at the top of every page on the site.


Thank you (but now I really feel stupid).

For links related to Feedburner I go to the address bar and delete everything after the first = sign and then refresh the page. That seems to always get me to the source article and if I need to insert a hyperlink into a document or e-mail the link is much shorter.