Link Your Android Phone to Your Windows 10 PC To Increase Productivity

Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows Source: Microsoft

In partnership with Samsung, Microsoft has introduced the Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows app for select Android devices and the Your Phone app for Windows 10 PCs, so that they can be connected for work and play with more convenience and efficiency.

With this connection, you can make and receive calls, read and reply to messages, and interact with notifications using the Your Phone app on your PC without constantly reaching for your smartphone.

Microsoft's Your Phone app even mirrors the screen of your smartphone and allows you to run Android apps on your PC connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, you can browse the photos from your Camera Rolls and Gallery using the Your Phone app on your PC, share clipboard content, and copy files between the desktop and mobile phone seamlessly.

Setting up the connection between the smartphone and the PC is simple and it is a must to stay productive for work and play wherever you are.

Your Phone Companion - Link to WindowsYour Phone Companion - Link to Windows


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I have this installed, but my VPN will not allow communication. I have to disconnect the VPN every time I wantr to use YourPhone. Do you know of any work round which will enable this to work seamlessly?