Libre Office Version 5.3 Released


LibreOfficeIf you're a user of Libre Office, the world's most popular free office software suite, you're probably running a variant of version 5.2 or earlier.

Version 5.3 has just been announced and is now available for download, if you are keen to always have the latest and greatest version of your key software products. This version is being dubbed the most feature-rich edition so far. However, it's rare for software developers to remove features, so it's hardly surprising that this latest release has more of them than the previous one did!

Libre Office 5.3 is a superb product, and a viable alternative to Microsoft's costly product. It's a 233 MB download from It's malware-free, according to my own tests. And as I mentioned, it's totally free (although you can donate if you wish).

If you want a list of all the new stuff, see too.
















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Reckon I'll stay with the "Still" version for a while, although the new "Fresh" version features look enticing; particularly..

"A safe mode has been added which starts LibreOffice temporarily with a fresh user profile and helps to restore a broken configuration."

Great software, thanks for the heads up rob. :)

The website for this download ( ) of Libre Office 5.3 keeps taking too long and times out! Any idea what's wrong??
I would love to download this software but can't seem to get to it. Help will be appreciated!