Lemmings, Zork, And Loads More Old Games To Play Online


Free online gamesSometimes when I'm working late at the office (like right now), I need a brief distraction in the form of a game. One of my favourites from way back was Lemmings, which ran on a PC under DOS (this was pre-Windows).

A recent search for an online playable version of Lemmings led me to a web site called Classic Reload. You can play loads of old games, and all you need is a web browser. There's nothing to download or install. All the games run via various online emulators.

So next time you need some distraction from work or study, fire up your browser and head to https://classicreload.com for what the operators claim is a collection of more than 5 thousand games!




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Whoa. Maybe i can finally finish Beyond Zork.

Thanks, there goes my productivity bonus! Rem I racked up 50+ levels in that beast before wiping it. Hope the little critters love the snow.