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Grog's Animated Knots

This animated knot tying site is an outstanding site to learn about tying knots, ropes, safety and related subjects.
It's an invaluable reference for knots and is ideal for learning how to tie and use knots in several areas; fishing, hobbies, boating, rescue, climbing, household use, neckties, scouting and more.

The Animated Knots by Grog website started in 2005 with a few essential knots and has grown to 189 well researched animated knots - with the illustrations there are over 200 knots on the site. The animations are very well done and easy to follow, but the expertise that has gone in to the advantages, disadvantages, dangers and alternatives listed for knots is where the knowledge of this family grown site proves it's not just another knot tying site.

The site has knots listed in three segments - categories, type of knot, and an A-Z list of knots. There's some overlap of knots since the same knot can be used in different situations. Here's a list of the knot categories:

  • Arborist
  • Basics
  • Boating
  • Climbing
  • Decorative
  • Fishing
  • Household
  • Neckties
  • Rescue
  • Scouting
  • Splicing
  • Surgical
  • Various

The knots are grouped by type into End loops, Mid loops, Bends, Hitches, Mats, Stoppers, and Slide/Grips. There's an alphabetical A-Z knot list. The rope care portion is an excellent addition to the site and can increase the longevity of your ropes.
The list of essential knots is a good place to start for the basics, and the knot safety page is extensive and lists important considerations like working loads, design factors, rigging angles, load weights (dynamic vs. dead weight) and security. There's a drop down menu where you can find knots by activity, type and name. The Technical drop down menu covers terminology, rope properties, safety and references.
The site is available in several languages and there are (paid) apps for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS if you prefer something other than the browser version.

Animated Knots by Grog

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