Learn Ethical Hacking With This 1000-page $55 Book, For Free.


If you're interested in computers, security, ethical hacking and Linux, then here's a deal for you. "Penetration testing: A survival guide" is a thorough course in how to set up a computer network for test purposes and then to try hacking it. It's well-written too, which is more than can be said for a lot of special-offer books that I get told about (and which consequently never get written about in this column).

It runs to more than 1,000 pages and normally costs $55. But you can download the PDF file right now for free, in return for nothing more than an email address.

To get a copy, head to http://www.tradepub.com/free/w_pacb47/prgm.cgi in order to download the 52 MB PDF file. It's free, and is unprotected, so you can even print it if you want.




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The default PDF reader for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, cannot open this... But Chrome has no such problem. Therefore Google > Microsoft. cheeky

I don't use Edge. Personally I think it's horrible. But I have changed the URL in the story above to include a www at the start, so hopefully things should improve slightly. Do get this book if you're interested in the subject, by the way. It's a really well written course and you'll find it fascinating.

Just because MS decided to make Edge the default viewer, is no reason to live with their default.
Also I am an old man, but there is an 'old woman' inside me that is uncomfortable about doing certain things.
One of those things, is viewing PDF's in browsers.
Why not make pdf-xchange-viewer your default viewer
PS Over the years, every time I went to their site, it was an unsettling challenge, to be sure that I was downloading the free viewer.
Over the last year'ish, it got even harder, as they are pushing a more recent version on to us (with Editor in the name I think).
It is also free, but is not as simple/good as the xchange viewer, and is irritating as there are some pro'ish features lurking around which are trial'ish.
Someone may care to double check that the link I gave above is really to the older/simple/nicer/free'er version ?

Basically I don't need any of the extra features, browsers are 98% compatible with PDF viewing and simple text entry, one less software to worry about, don't deal with many or complex PDF, etc.

I, too, have downloaded many tradepub items. Like Rob, I used Firefox to go to the link provided in the tradepub email. My result was the same as his: "The page isn’t redirecting properly. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete."

I still had a letter from a previous tradepub offer which had a working URL. I compared the download links in that previous successful offer and in this offer. I successfully downloaded this one by changing ONLY the beginning of the URL from "http://tradepub.com" to "https://www.tradepub.com".

"They have to get up early in the morning to stop you"

Well done,

Rob has it right - the initial download fails after email confirmation - open your library on the website then (from a second email confirmation) you should see it there - that download does work - Note - to participate in any exercises, you will need Kali Linux - the pdf does state how to download it - hope you are up on Linux so you can understand what's going on...


Anyone having trouble downloading this ?
I have been with TradePub for years, so that is not the problem.
They did the usual thing - sent me an email with a link to download via their web site
But it cannot carry out the action (not from the want of trying)
The page isn’t redirecting properly
Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete

I tried different browsers, and anything else I could think of.
Went around in circles a few times.
Tried accessing it from 'My Library', and went around a couple of circles on that.
Finally managed to download from 'My Library'
If anyone works out how I managed that, let me know.


Sadly the email address path does not work!
Will have to try it without browser protection in place. GRRRR!

I successfully downloaded this one by changing ONLY the beginning of the URL from "http://tradepub.com" to "https://www.tradepub.com".

I haven't been able to download it and I tried downloading it using three different addresses in 4 different browsers.
I ran a search for the title, and some other (legitmate, well known) sites have the same offer. Those links take you to a Tradepub page where you fill out the form to submit a request. Those URL's appear to have site referral data in their links.