An extremely polished Breakout clone with the fun well beyond the 50+ levels.


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Breakout Game
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Two player mode (Internet or LAN), super smooth gameplay, useful turbo ball by pressing "C" or Middle Mouse Button, save function, many level addons available, level editor.
Doesn't lack much, but a split-screen 2-Player Mode would be nice.

Our Review:

LBreakout2 is an extremely polished Breakout clone which was originally developed for Linux but also has Windows and Mac ports .

The game features a two-player mode (local or over the internet or LAN), fine animations and graphics, excellent controls, the ability to save a game, a level editor, and a turbo key (press and hold C to make your ball move really fast).

This game in its current version 2.5.1 gets regular Level Set updates. Placing such add-ons in the Game Folder expands the lifespan of this great game. Therefore the fun continues well beyond when you have mastered the 50+ levels that come with the original game.

LBreakout2 was reviewed by on based on version 2.5.1.