The Latest In Online Dog Identification Technology


Dog identification serviceIt's been a while since I brought you news of something frivolous in the online world, so here's something to make up for recent omissions. WhatDog is a web site that will identify the breed of a dog from a photograph. There's even a downloadable app, if you need to be able to identify dogs while you're away from your PC.

To get started, head to and upload a photo of your favourite unidentified hound. If you don't have one to hand, there's a collection of pictures on the site that you can use. Then just press the button and, within a second or so, the system will tell you the breed of dog in your photo.

Having tried the site on a few of my own dogs (including the cutie shown here), the results are pretty good although not always 100%. And believe it or not, the site is produced by Microsoft. Seriously.







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There has to be an alternative. They should show a whole lot more dogs. They say a dog looks like its owner so may try my pic

Like all Microsoft products, IT DOESN'T WORK> My coonhound is either a miniature Pincer or a Rhodesian RIdgeback
Thanks for the post though - it provided a few minutes of fun

Does it allow the dogs to identify as cats or other animals ?

I guess the real question here is when did Microsoft find the time between Windows 10 nags to create this site? If they didn't have enough haters before now they are going to have every cat lover demanding a site.

You’ve missed the humor side of this website. Have you ever wondered which type of dog you are? Well, the site works with human face photos as well. Upload yours or your friend’s photos and find out :-)

I would hope uploading an image of Elvis Presley would confirm he ain't nothing but a hound dog.

Luv it. Tested it out on a few dogs and it worked perfectly. Shame it does not have an android app.