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LastPass, our Editors' Choice in this article Best Free Web Form Filler and Password Manager, offers a reliable and secure service for keeping your passwords.

You may have been relying on this service to automatically login to various websites with different passwords maintained in your LastsPass account via a single master password.

This service used to cost some bucks when you wanted to use its mobile apps even though you were able to use a free add-on or extension to a web browser.

But here is good news. It is now also given free for mobile apps including Android, iOS and Windows 10 apps as announced by LastPass. The passwords you use on one device will sync across all other devices whenever you access your LastPass account.

Using LastPass is as secure and reliable as it can be since all your passwords in the account are encrypted or decrypted on your device and not on the servers.

If you have been using it on your desktop, it's a great handy tool to get it on your mobile as well. Basic features are free but premium services such as family password sharing are for testing only during a trial period.

And LastPass says, "We’re still on a mission to be the last password you need to know, and in the future, maybe even eliminate our own master password, so there’s no password to remember at all."

What will that be? Fingerprints? Your guess?

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The Free is working for me across multiple computers and platforms (Win10-Android) The Android version is a little more manual but still works fine

BE VERY CAREFUL. I have been using LastPass free for a couple of years, and have been mostly quite pleased. HOWEVER, yesterday in my vault appeared a whole bunch of passwords belonging to a neighbor; we have never discussed computers, computer security, never logged onto each other's wifi networks. We barely know each other, and yet a couple dozen sites with passwords belonging to them showed up in my vault.

LastPass' first attempt at addressing this? "Clear the LastPass cache." Totally ignoring the severity of the security breach that what has happened suggests.

I am starting the long, tedious process of creating all new passwords and NOT storing them in LastPass.

It seems that there is a conflict of information between this article and what the LastPass website says. I just received a notice to renew my subscription. I don't think that "LastPass Is Now Free Across Multiple Devices", as the title of this article states. Hmmmm... perhaps a bit of over-enthusiastic reporting?

If you read the article in full, you must have noticed a link to blog of LastPass with the announcement, based on which this article is written. So, how can it be over-enthusiastic reporting?

Even on LastPass homepage, the heading clearly says:

You can use LastPass on all your devices, for free!

Slightly confusing....

Wording in an email I received (as an existing free version user) says :-
"Try LastPass Premium for Free! Thank you for using LastPass. LastPass is always free, but as a thank you, we've unlocked our Premium features for 60 days."

Nothing to suggest that the mobile version is now also free, until you look at the features comparison list on the LastPass website where you find that the section "Unlimited sync across all mobile & desktop devices" is now ticked in the free version list. Hope this is not an error. Would be a shame if this tick disappears after 60 days too! Just seems odd they're not shouting louder about it?

Syncing across all mobile and desktop devices will be a free feature Sope and won't be locked even after a 60-day trial period unless they eat their own words, which is unlikely.

As a free version user it's certainly a very welcome upgrade and a significant premium feature to give away... good news!

When I downloaded Lastpass on my android Samsung Galaxy 5, it said my "... LastPass Premium trial will expire in 59 days". I have not signed up for premium. Does that mean that after 59 days, I will drop back to the free LastPass?

@Gandof_Tx, yes it does.


I started using Last Pass about a year ago and have grown to love it.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a password vault.  However, I would also recommend changing the settings so that it logs you out after a certain amount of time of inactivity.  The default setting of always being logged in seems somewhat self-defeating.

Thanks this is something that will be real useful to me

Great news!