A Sudoku for Linux provides a generator and a solver in 5 levels of difficulty


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Configurable toolbars and themes, 5-levels of difficulty, support 9x9 and many other shapes, generator and solver, hints, redo/undo, saving and loading.
No printing of games.

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KSudoku has a flexible user interface with configurable toolbars and themes.

With this program, you can choose a game in a standard size of 9x9 cells in numbers, or 16x16 and 25x25 cells in symbols, or in other shapes such as 3D Roxdoku, Samurai, 4x4, XSudoku and Jigsaw.

KSudoku provides a generator and solver, 5 levels of difficulty, allowing for saving and loading of games played. Hints, redo/undo are available but no printing of the game is supported.

The latest version 0.5 is included in the KDE Games Center and can be downloaded from Ubuntu Software Center as well.

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