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Handle ebooks really well with a respectable amount of options and settings


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A good ebook app with a lot of functionality. Can also read a multitude of formats including comics.
You need to sign-up to Kobo to use the app.

Our Review:

When the Kobo screen appears on my Android device, underneath it says "Read Freely". Let's see just how true that statement is. Similar to Kindle, this ebook reader requires you to either sign in with your existing Kobo account or to create an account. As I have one already I will skip past the creating an account and leave that pleasure of discovery to you.

When signing in you can use either a Facebook account or a Kobo account. There is also a link to create an account and one in case you've forgotten your password.

So, after signing in I am presented with a bookshelf showing books I have previously downloaded and it has also awarded me a book entitled "Taming your inner online menace". That should prove an interesting read later!

There is a navigation bar at the top and bottom of the screen that gives you various icons to navigate within the app and do a multitude of things similar to the other ebook readers I have written about but some of the main ones tend to lead you to the Kobo shop to purchase books. There are statistics you can look at and awards you can achieve. Similar to the other apps, by clicking on the options button on your device it brings up yet another menu including: settings, import content, your account details etc.

Thus, let's open up a book and see what it can do. When you first click on a book, before you actually get to the book, a page appears telling you how to navigate by swiping or tapping to turn pages, or a single tap to open the menu. Good to know. Then once you've past that page it tells you if Facebook sharing is off. We might get to the book one day.

On the first page, I swiped it and a dialogue box appeared asking me to share my thoughts. At this point in time I don't think the amount of expletives that have just issued from me are worth sharing. Would you believe it, I said no to the sharing and another one popped up asking if I would like to join a conversation. Finally, I am at the book proper and it looks and reads as well as any other ebook reader app, black text on a white background. Again, similar to the other ebook apps, by using the menu you can change fonts, brightness, automatic orientation, etc. And you can even post to Facebook wall. Oh joy, because I always do that when reading a book (can you read the sarcasm clearly in my writing?).

But seriously, it handles ebooks really well and the amount of options and settings are respectable. The layout is clean and fresh and apart from the really annoying popups asking me to share and join conversations, it's a good app. But now I am going to try and import some of my books from my device. This should be fun.

Words of warning: When it finds any ebooks on your device and you have selected which ones you want to import into Kobo, it asks you if you want to remove the original from your memory card. Don't say, 'Yes' because if you do I have a horrible feeling that if you uninstall your Kobo app at some later date, you will lose those books too!! Anyway, the import was a success and the book opened without any trouble.

Hence, to it sum up. As I said before it's a good ebook app with a lot of functionality - apart from the need to sign-up to Kobo and the constant nags about sharing across social networking sites. There are a few too many information boxes that appear for my liking as all I want to do is read a book but if you are a hardcore Facebooker then you probably won't mind it so much. It can read a multitude of formats including epub, pdf, mobi, txt, html, and rtf but it can't read Kindle. It can also view a lot of the popular image types. And finally, if like me you like to read the odd comic book every now and then, this app happily handles cbz and cbr.

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