Feature rich, easy to use, extremely customizable and available in multiple languages.


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Play damaged AVI files, locked media files and compressed audio albums, Live URL broadcasting support, User friendly interface, Good picture quality and playback, Extensive configuration options, Apply user defined external filters apart from built-in, Plays almost all media files, Strong user base and active forum, Multi-language support.
Lacks a professional web representation, Slower than some media players like VLC, Contains Opencandy, Ask toolbar, Pandora TV Service.

Our Review:

When everything comes down to using a media player that is feature rich and easy to use, KMPlayer definitely stands out. The development of the player has its roots in South Korea, by the developer Kang Yong-Hee and has been bought by the largest video streaming company in Korea, Pandora TV in 2007. Also known as K-Multimedia player or KMP, it offers many advanced features, supports a wide range of codecs and formats, is extremely customizable and is available in multiple languages.


KMWizardThe installer is a standard 15MB package and the user goes through a conventional 5 step process that starts with your preferred language and then guides you into the wizard offering you the preferred type of install. Beginners can go for the recommended settings which installs the EXE and Extender files, internal and external codecs, skins and shortcuts (Note: Fake KMPlayer’s are floating around the internet, in such a case when you come across one, in the ‘type of install’, uncheck any items that are not bolded as they are crapware. Its recommended that you download the installer from the Quick Selection Guide). Choose your destination folder and you’re ready to go. You may opt out of the Pandora Search bar installation. Beginners can select the Default settings when you first run the program. Advanced users may define their preferred settings and switch presets, choose decoders for playback, change work priority, configure subtitles, adjust speaker and thumbnail album art settings, select skins, set associations and configure other miscellaneous settings.


A minimalistic, user friendly and functional interface, all the options are available to you on right click in the main window which gives access to the players extensive features. The player offers quick playback and a fully skinable interface that change upon every new playing track. The basic player controls are available at the bottom. Towards the left ,the system time is displayed that changes into elapsed/total playback time when a file is loaded. Also you can view information regarding the file and filters, set audio streams and repeat and shuffle options. Volume control is present towards the right along with toggling shade mode, navigate and open files, tools menu giving access to screen and color controls as well as change the video effects (sharpen, deinterlace, etc) and a playlist editor. Personally I like the mouse over animated buttons on the top to add folders, access help menu and the close button.


KMDeathNoteKMPlayer hosts a myriad of features but the lack of a help file for this advanced media player is quite a shame. Its an all-in-one media player that handles both audio and video, and supports a wide range of different formats, almost everything that I’ve thrown onto it, meaning that once installed you don’t have to search for another player. For media playback, it includes almost all the essential decoders required built in. Additionally KMP also supports 3rd party codecs and also doesn’t install the codecs on the computer like other codecs do. Most public codec packs+players forces codecs to register on your computer, while KMP does not. This means that installing KMP will not affect your computer at all.

The player has full VCD/DVD playback functionality, set multifarious audio and video effects, control playback speed and octave, sharpen and change picture properties, apply external filters, select parts of a video as favorites, make video captures within the program, do an exceptionally strong A-B repeat, matrix/normalizer options through built-in voice codec, remap the keys of remote interface for HTPC including overlay screen controls, change a skin dynamically depending on a media type playing, and many more.

Conclusion and Verdict

KMPlayer works like a charm and my experience with the player has been excellent. If you’re looking for a light yet a powerful video player, KMPlayer could be your best choice. Its bundled with all the codecs that you would ever need to play any movies. Its simple enough to use for an average person but don’t be deceived by its simplicity, its offers a powerhouse of configuration options and its strong user base and its active official forum helps you out whenever you run into a problem with the player. KMPlayer is highly recommended for anyone who’s on the lookout for a powerful, free and easy to use media player.
Installation:Rating 9 of 10
Interface:Rating 9 of 10
Usability:Rating 10 of 10
Features:Rating 10 of 10
Help and Support:Rating 9 of 10

Warning: Uncheck Grid Network box in components to install wizard to avoid Pandora TV service. Contains OpenCandy and bundled Ask Toolbar. Take caution to hit the "Decline" button after deselecting the Ask toolbar components to avoid Ask being installed.

KMPlayer was reviewed by on based on version 3.8.



Hallo, my office computer detected OpenCandy and deleted the executable. That was an old standalone version I had been using for years, suddenly the company switch to defender and it picked up KMplayer.exe. I thought about getting the latest version, and disappointment struck. The version I downloaded - installed - tested - unistalled right away, has nothing to do with the version I had been using. Condider kmplayer defunct. I'll keep using it at home, the good old standalone.