An eBook reader supporting various book formats and designed to work with your Amazon account


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Review & Alternatives: Best Free eBook Reader for iOS

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Great and easy-to-use interface, offers more books than iBookstore.

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The Kindle reader is one of the popular apps with an easy-to-use interface. Amazon recently updated the app with a dark gray background. Before the update, the background was the silhouette of a small boy sitting at the foot of a tree reading a book. It was also slightly animated.

During the day, the sky in the background would be blue; at dusk it would have a sunset with oranges and yellows; and at night it would be dark blue/black with stars and the occasional meteor that would streak through the sky.

The Kindle app is designed to work with your Amazon account. It supports AWZ, MOBI, PDF, TXT, and ePub book formats.

Opening a book gives you a simple user interface with buttons at the bottom. Like iBooks, you can choose between: White, Black (Night), and Sepia page colors; big or small text; Brightness/Dim control; and you can search for page numbers and words/phrases. There is also a bookmark button on the upper-left.

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