An excellent password manager keeps all your passwords offline and encrypted.


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Available offline, strong encryption, automatic clearance of copied credentials, compatible with desktop versions.
User interface could be better.

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One of the popular password managers LastPass is free for use as an addon or extension to a web browser or as a mobile app but unfortunately it works only online.

Besides LastPass, there're plenty of choices for Android. One of the best I found is KeePassDroid. It keeps your passwords in your mobile device, off-line.

Type in a master password, and you can gain access to your database of usernames, passwords or other credentials. The database is saved as a kdb file and encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

While you're viewing a record from the database, you can tap the Menu icon, select 'Copy Username' or 'Copy Password', then paste it to a place where you like from the clipboard, saving the trouble of manual typing.

Worried about the credentials saved in the clipboard? This app automatically clears that content from the clipboard within 5 minutes after copying the username or password, or you can even set it to one minute or 30 seconds via Application Settings.

KeePassDroid is a port of free and open source desktop software KeePass, and the database file can be accessed from the desktop version as well when tested.

Avoid writing your passwords on a piece of paper, use this app instead for enhanced privacy.

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I use KeePass on my desktop and laptop but for my Android devices I much prefer Keepass2Android. Better interface. Easier to use. Automatically updates and saves the database file from Dropbox with each use. That way all devices are in sync.

I chose Keepass2Android several years ago for the same reasons as Gravwell. At the time, Keepass2Android had the broadest support for cloud storage - I use it to sync to my Keepass for Windows database stored on OneDrive.