KeePass Password Safe


KeePass Password Safe

A simple and standalone password encryption program to encrypt files and passwords.


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Simple, stand-alone program. Unzip the contents of the zip file and run KeyPass.exe. Use to encrypt files as well as passwords.
A bit convoluted to use at first, but it's just a matter of learning how to attach a file (see the "Advanced" tab) to an entry.

Our Review:

KeePass Password Safe is nominally a password encryption program, but you can also attach files to entries, even dummy entries and they'll be encrypted too.

The portable version of KeePass runs without administrator privileges it's a good way to protect your files as well as your passwords. You can attach files under the "Advanced" tab of any entry. KeePass requires .NET, so that must be installed on the computer you're going to use.

I learned about this feature at Lifehacker. I don't know what the limit one file size or total database size, but it's a good way to keep sensitive data private. The procedure to attach a file is not obvious at first (see the "Advanced" tab on the entry window), but it's very easy to do once you locate it.

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