Keep Apps and Data in a Sandbox for Additional Security and Privacy with Secure Folder


Secure Folder

A smartphone contains a lot of data and some of which may be private and confidential that you would not want to share with others. However, the data can be easily accessible to anyone who borrows your phone momentarily or has learned how to access your phone with a simple pin code or a pattern swipe.

Worse still, if you have already signed into a cloud storage such as Google Drive on your phone, you are almost always remain logged in and all documents on Google Drive are accessible to others when your phone is unlocked.

To address this security concern, it is a must to add a second layer of security to your documents and files stored on your device or on the cloud by using an app locker such as AppLock reviewed earlier.

Another app locker, known as Secure Folder developed by Samsung is outstanding too. Creating a private and encrypted space on a supported Android phone, Secure Folder keeps your apps and data in a separate sandbox and allows a new instance of an app to install on the same device. For example, a Google Drive for normal use outside Secure Folder and another Google Drive to install inside Secure Folder for keeping sensitive documents with a separate Google account.

Check out more details about Secure Folder below if you've been using a supported Android device such as a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. On other Android devices, try AppLock instead although it does not support running a second instance of an app on the same device.

Secure FolderSecure Folder




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