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addappt iconaddapptIt’s common now for many users to keep hundreds of contacts on their devices but some contacts may not be up to date. Once in a while, you may find out that a person’s contact number has been changed and there’s no way to get him other than trying to ask his friends around for his new number.

In some other circumstances, you may also want to change your phone number to a new one. You will then have to notify all your contacts of the new number to make sure they are able to keep in touch with you.

Isn’t there an app that can help update your contacts automatically without all these hassles? Yes, there is. This competent app addappt, developed by Microsoft veteran Jorge Ferreira and LinkedIn’s first business development manager Mrinal Desai, does the job well.

For all connected users who are using this app, when you change your phone number or email address, your new contact information will then be updated remotely on the phones of your friends and relatives. Likewise, if they have updated their contact information, you will have it updated right on your phone too.

Besides the flagship feature, this app extends to other functions such as “Tapp” to send a customisable short message and emoji to your contacts with one tap. No history of conversations is saved on the device or the server so your conversations are completely private.

Apparently this app uses your contact book as a platform. You can use it to connect to others and always keep them in touch with no worries about an outdated contact.

It works only for users who are also connected with the app. So it may be a setback if any of your contacts are too concerned about privacy to use the product despite the developer emphasizing that they do not store address books on the server neither spam contacts.



For Android
Size: 5.1 MB

For iPhone
Size: 11.2 MB


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Checked just now (1:12pm on June 15th) and there is no such app in Google Play or Amazon App store.

I easily found it at the top of the list when I searched.

If will send an email to everyone on your contact list and they have to enroll, Many could be considered spam.

In my test bernardz, sending invites is optional. You can deselect all then choose the ones that you want to send to and request for connection.