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SeriesGuide app iconSeriesGuideWe all have favorite TV shows we like to follow. SeriesGuide is an Android app that offers you many handy ways to enhance your TV viewing experience in a fluid, attractive interface.

SeriesGuide has been around for a long while, but the developer has fine tuned and updated SeriesGuide on a regular basis. This means you're getting a stable app with a large, happy user base, so you can't go wrong.

When you run the app for the first time, you're asked to add shows. A tap of the 'Add Show' button presents a large list of trending TV shows with a thumbnail image and a brief description of each. This is handy to find out what's popular now. There's a search feature to quickly find your favorite shows.

Once you tap on a show, you're given a longer synopsis and an option to add it to your list or not. Just reading the descriptions is a good way to discover shows you might enjoy. You'll no doubt find quite a few interesting ones you hadn't heard about.

SeriesGuide supports two TV fan web sites, and tvtag. You can keep a viewing history, see which shows and movies are trending and catch up with what your friends are watching. You don't need to join these sites to use the app, but it makes the experience more fun.

After you've built your favorite show list, you get to view what the upcoming episodes are and their US air date. This is US Pacific time, but you can set the app with a manual time offset so the air date and time shown are your local time.

US air times aren't much use for people in other countries who often have to wait however long it takes to eventually get the show. In these cases, the app serves only to at least give you information on what's coming (eventually).

You can do other movie and entertainment related things with SeriesGuide, and many nice touches can be found within the app and its settings. It's better to let you discover these yourself than to describe them all here. The one thing the app doesn't do is play content. If available, SeriesGuide does link you to trailers and actual content on Amazon or Google Play paid services for example.

Included with the free version are two attractive home screen/lock screen widgets which can be set up to display details of upcoming shows. If you use the widgets, you don't need to run the app that often. As a bonus for desktop PC users, a SeriesGuide extension is available which offer similar features to the app.

For anyone who watches TV on a regular basis, SeriesGuide is a 'must have' app for your phone or tablet. It's ideal to get all the show details for you as you relax in front of your TV, and performs that task very well.


SeriesGuide — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 4.3 MB


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