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KDE Connect

A great tool to connect Android and Linux devices for sharing content wirelessly.


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Share clipboard content and files seamlessly, browse mobile files from desktop, other added features.
Optimized only for KDE although it works on other desktop environments.

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KDE Connect implements a secure communication protocol over the network. It offers an Android app and a Linux desktop client, both required to act together as a bridge to share clipboard content, URLs, files and others across multiple devices.

After pairing a Linux computer with an Android mobile wirelessly on the same network, you can enjoy all features provided by KDE Connect for free.

Sharing Files and Clipboard

To send a file from your Android mobile, select “Send files” and choose a file, then receive the file under the Downloads folder on your Linux Computer.

Conversely, to send a file from a Linux computer, right click a file in Dolphin file manager and select "Send to [mobile] via KDE Connect", then check your file received in the Downloads folder via “Send files” with the mobile app KDE Connect.

Unlike AirDroid which takes several steps to share clipboard content, KDE Connect is perfectly straightforward with only two steps—copy some text or a URL on a device, then on another paired device, paste it right away. Simple as that.

Other Features

In addition to the above remarkable features, the desktop client lets you browse files on your mobile, show the battery level and notifications on your mobile, and ring your mobile in case you have misplaced it somewhere nearby.

On the other hand, the mobile app acts as a remote control of your desktop multimedia player, and a “remote input” to maneuver the mouse cursor on your desktop. These serve as extra features even though you may not need them very often.

Desktop Environment

After installing KDE Connect to your mobile, you can use it right away in KDE Plasma desktop environment with the desktop client and Dolphin file manager pre-installed, like in Kubuntu.

If you are using the other desktop environment, such as GNOME in the current release of Ubuntu, try this desktop client "KDE Connect Indicator", which is a fork of KDE Connect to make it usable on desktops without KDE Plasma and work with other supported file managers. See Linux's "Get It" link on top of this page for more details on installation of this desktop client in addition to the Android mobile app.


Share Files and Clipboard Across Your Android Mobile And Linux Computer

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