A client program written in Java for routing data across the JonDo network, with limited speeds and unlimited bandwidth.


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Pros & Cons:

Friendly interface, platform independent, very secure.
Slow data transfer speeds, limited availability during periods of high demand and the client itself is a bit of a memory hog.

Our Review:

JonDo (previously known as JAP) is a client program, used with a Proxy Server system, written in Java for routing data across the JonDo network. Unfortunately, being Java based means that the application is rather bloated. Even so, to make up for this large amount of memory consumption, JonDo does have an attractive and user-friendly GUI, which displays lots of visual information about your connection to the JonDo network. Additionally, Java-based also means that it is truly cross-platform.

The free service offers 30-50kBit/s speeds and unlimited bandwidth. The commercial option offers a lot more features such as higher speeds, access to all ports and SOCKS5 support.

The JonDonym group provide a free browser profile for Firefox called JonDoFox. It is preconfigured to be highly anonymous out of the box and features lots of useful add-ons, such as No-Script, CS Lite and AdBlock Plus. Because it is completely free and has all these outstanding features, I highly recommend it to anybody that is serious about anonymity. Bear in mind, however, that JonDo does set limits on the number of users allowed for all of their free servers, and this limited capacity means that its network is often overloaded at peak times. Consequently, you may not be able to connect on your first attempt.

Here are some of my personal ratings and a few technical points regarding the program:

  • Speed Rating: Slow. 30kbps-50kbps (Dial-up speeds).
  • Anonymity Rating: High
  • Usage Allowance: Unlimited
  • Logging Level: Minimal. They log bandwidth usage for accounting purposes.
  • Server Location(s): Worldwide
  • Operating System(s):
  • WOT Rating: Excellent.
  • 76MB of RAM usage when running.
  • There is a portable version available.

JonDo was reviewed by on based on version 00.17.001.