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Jitsi Meet

A completely free, secure and open source video conferencing application.


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Open source, no need for an account, unlimited users, invite by unique URL, encryption.
Might be slow when the bandwidth is congested.

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Jitsi Meet is a free, secure and open source application using the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology for video conferencing.

With this technology, the Jitsi Meet client runs directly in your browser, without the need to install anything else on your desktop computer. On a small-screen mobile, it is convenient to download and use its Android or iOS app.

The usage of this application is simple. To start or join a meeting, you do not need to sign up for an account; just enter the name of the room you want to join, or make a name up and let other participants know the name (or share the URL given) to join the meeting. That’s it.

Jitsi Meet has no limits on the number of users or conference participants. The only limiting factors are the server power and bandwidth available. Besides that, it allows you to download the source code and set the system up on your own server.

By default, Jitsi meetings apply encryption in two ways. 1-to-1 meetings use end-to-end encryption, while multiparty meetings use DTLS-SRTP encryption, which is decrypted when packets are traversing the Jitsi Videobridge. Jitsi claims that the data is never stored in any persistent storage and only lives in memory while being routed to other participants in the meetings.

To prevent uninvited participants from joining a meeting, the app allows you to control the access to your conferences with a password, which will be reset when the last person leaves the room. It also includes a Lobby mode to protect your meeting by only allowing people to enter a room after approval by a moderator.

Other main features of the app include raising or lowering your hand for attention, push-to-talk mode, participant talk-time statistics, recording by uploading to Dropbox, and live stream of your conference to YouTube.


A completely free, secure and open source video conferencing application for your desktop and mobile

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