Shows current time and date of different World Timezones, as an icon in the system tray


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Allows different colors for different times of day, setting alarms, one alarm per day, repeatable, ability to have the system automatically connect to one of a number of available internet NTP time servers to synch the PC's clock.
Limited to 9 clocks, when minimizing the window the system tray icon reappears in a different location, each timezone clock must be shut down individually, no easy way to set the time by selecting a city or country from a list.

Our Review:

InstantTimeZone is an interesting application, however it frustrated me because of its behavior.

I like a program that loads up as a single process, not a separate process for every clock displayed, and I like a single window with all my clocks together in one location. InstantTimeZone has the ability to show all clocks (up to a maximum of nine, which just is not enough for me) in a single window, but then it also needs a separated icon in the system tray for every clock it runs.

Each system tray clock can be a different color, which is its only redeeming factor, but only the hour digits are displayed. When you hover your mouse, a popup shows you the time for the city you are hovering over.

More annoying is that the clocks don't seem to be guaranteed to load in any particular sequence, so that when the clocks load, you never know if your home city will be shown first, last, or somewhere in between.

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