Install Dozens Of Freeware Apps With One Click


NiniteIf you like top-quality freeware and you haven't yet checked out Ninite, then you really should try it. It's a really quick and safe way to install loads of software on your computer in one hit.

To start, head to and make your choice from over 80 different programs. Click to select as many or as few as you want. The site will then offer you a custom-made downloader, which you download to your computer and click to run. The downloader itself is small, at around 0.5 MB, but it contains all the necessary instructions to download and install all of your chosen apps.

You can just sit back and watch, as everything happens totally automatically. The apps of your choice are downloaded and installed, and all of the default options are automatically selected. If you have a 64-bit machine and there is a 64 bit version of an app available it will be automatically selected. Any additional offers within an app's installer will be automatically declined. Desktop icons for each of your new apps will be automatically created, so they're ready for you to use.

Ninite features loads of useful software, much of which is free, and Ninite itself is also free to use. It always downloads the latest version of each app from its official website so it's safe to use. It currently includes programs such as Dropbox, Opera, Thunderbird, Evernote, and around 80 more too.

So, if you haven't already checked out Ninite, why not?

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"The apps of your choice are downloaded and installed, and all of the default options are automatically selected."

Does that include things like taskbars and home page changing foistware?


Also i just checked it out and there's practically nothing {three apps i was sort of curious about} that i want that i don't already have installed...

It's never installed any toolbars, extra programs, home page changers, or anything else of that sort.

It isn't really meant for someone who already has their system setup. It's more for those that build, repair, refurbish computers so they have a single download instead of several. It can also be used to update installed programs if they are installed. PatchMyPc has double the amount of programs to choose from.

I have been using it for over 4 years.. and like many others,... mainly after installing fresh windows on friends' computers!
According to : . . . "Install the right 32-bit or 64-bit version for a PC".

It has never installed a 64 bit app for me in all of the years I have tried it. I'll give it another try on a fresh 64 bit install later today, but I seriously doubt that anything has changed since November when I last tried it. But even if by some miracle it does work, I would still need to run PatchMyPc after that to install the many apps Ninite doesn't have so it still isn't that useful to me. Ninite doesn't add new apps and hasn't for the past several years. PatchMyPc has at least twice the apps and doesn't require one to download a customized installer. You download the base file ONE TIME, then check the apps you want to install, and let it do it's thing. You can update the apps that are already installed and select new ones to install during the same pass without going to Ninite to download a new installer. It also let's you halt updates on selected apps in the free version, something that Ninite does NOT do (requires the Pro version that costs money).

Sorry, but there are way too many reasons why Ninite isn't as useful these days to make it worth the truble.

I tried it again this afternoon on a clean/fresh install of Windows 10. It was hit or miss if you got a 64 bit or 32 bit version installed. It does have one program that I use that isn't in PatchMyPc, and PMPC has a broken link to Handbrake. But PMPC was quicker and easier to use and always installed the 64bit.

I have made several requests for software to be added to this list and received no response at all. Also, they haven't added anything new in quite awhile, I think. I still use it though, for fresh installations on new computers, and sometimes for updating programs I have like flash and adobe reader and air - because you avoid all the installation guis.

The problem with NiNite is that it will install the 32 bit version of the app with no option to get the 64 bit version. That's why I stopped using it. I use PatchMyPc as it will install the 64 bit version on a 64 bit version of Windows, They also don't include a lot of more recent programs and don't respond to requests. Ninite is pretty much outdated at this point and has been for several years. is my preference because it offers 300+ apps that include games and the excellent Stellarium program for astronomy buffs.

I LOVE Ninite ! I have been using it for years. It really helps with new installations and restore.