This Incredibly Detailed Time Tracker Is Free For You


WebWork Time TrackerWho knows where the time goes when you're at your computer? If that's a problem for you, then here's a possible solution. It's a great way to keep track of the work you do on your PC, especially if you're a contractor or freelancer and you need to know how much time you spent working for each client.

Although the program is commercial, it's free for use by individuals. You only have to pay if you manage a team.

The system is called WebWork Time Tracker, and there are 2 components. First, log into the web site at and create an account. While you're there, set up some project names that correspond with the work you do and the clients you work for.

Then, download the Windows app from the site and install it on your PC. Each time you start a new piece of work, enter details into the Windows program. It sends those details to the Web site, and you can then check on your dashboard to see precisely how much time you're spending on each project. There are loads of graphs and reports to help you monitor your time, and you can even take screen shots automatically so that you have a pictorial record on the dashboard of precisely what you were doing.

The download is around 13 MB and works fine under Windows 10. The site is rated as reputable by Web of Trust and VirusTotal has no issues with the program.

The only question now, is whether you're prepared to find out just where all your time is actually going!

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