Increase Your Online Safety with this Surveillance Self-Defense Guide


 Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) guide

The Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) guide has tips, tutorials and articles to help increase your online safety and privacy and prevent online surveilliance. People with little technical knowledge and those who have advanced skills will find the guide interesting and useful.

Produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the guide covers several topics and how-to's that include the basics, tool guides and resources for further learning. The focus is to keep you safe from online spying though the information is useful in other situations too. 

The Surveillance Self-Defense (SSD) includes tutorials for installing and these privacy and security tools:


  • Animated Overview: How Strong Encryption Can Help Avoid Online Surveillance
  • Animated Overview: How to Make a Super-Secure Password Using Dice
  • Animated Overview: Protecting Your Device From Hackers
  • Animated Overview: Using Password Managers to Stay Safe Online
  • Choosing Your Tools
  • Communicating with Others
  • Creating Strong Passwords
  • Keeping Your Data Safe
  • Seven Steps To Digital Security
  • What Should I Know About Encryption?
  • Why Metadata Matters
  • Your Security Plan

Tool Guides

  • How to: Avoid Phishing Attacks
  • How to: Circumvent Online Censorship
  • How to: Delete your Data Securely on Linux
  • How to: Delete Your Data Securely on macOS
  • How to: Delete Your Data Securely on Windows
  • How to: Enable Two-factor Authentication
  • How to: Encrypt Your iPhone
  • How to: Encrypt Your Windows Device
  • How to: Use KeePassXC
  • How to: Use OTR for macOS
  • How to: Use OTR on Linux
  • How to: Use PGP for Linux
  • How to: Use PGP for macOS
  • How to: Use PGP for Windows
  • How to: Use Signal for Android
  • How to: Use Signal on iOS
  • How to: Use Tor for Linux
  • How to: Use Tor for Windows
  • How to: Use Tor on macOS
  • How to: Use WhatsApp on Android
  • How to: Use WhatsApp on iOS

Further Learning

  • A Deep Dive on End-to-End Encryption: How Do Public Key Encryption Systems Work?
  • Attending a Protest
  • Choosing the VPN That's Right for You
  • Facebook Groups: Reducing Risks
  • How Do I Protect Myself Against Malware?
  • Key Concepts in Encryption
  • Key Verification
  • Protecting Yourself on Social Networks
  • The Problem with Mobile Phones
  • Things to Consider When Crossing the U.S. Border

No guide can cover everything with the ever evolving landscape but it can make it more difficult to be targeted. 

Surveillance Self-Defense | Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications

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