Improve Online Search Skills With Free Courses From Google


Google Search ClassesGoogle is offering two free self paced online courses that offer in depth techniques to get the most out of Google Search.

The classes feature ‘tips and tricks to become a fast and effective fact-finder with Power Searching with Google, deepen your understanding of solving complex research problems using advanced Google search techniques with Advanced Power Searching with Google, and join a growing global community of Power Searchers.’

The two free self paced classes that will help you develop and improve your Google search skills are 'Power Searching with Google' and 'Advanced Power Searching'. All classes are taught by Daniel Russell, a senior research scientist at Google.

- Power Searching with Google has three main units: Introduction, Interpreting Results and Advanced Techniques. This course is presented in a series of videos.

- Advanced Power Searching contains a series of 12 challenges that focus on using search operators, additional Google properties, refining searches and search strategies. This course is presented with a combination of video and text.

You'll find both classes here:

The courses I looked at were informative and entertaining. If you're an old hand at using Google Search, you'll find some familiar material and some new techniques. If your Google skills are at the level most of us use, you'll have an easier time finding exactly what you want with the material in these classes.

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seriously?! The "company" (they are NOT really a search engine anymore, more of a business) that used to give us the most relevant results based on our inquiries, used to protect out personal data and info, now changes their own webmaster rules without notice on a regular basis, forced webmasters to push all sites to be mobile friendly with not much time to do it, bans sites in batches of 1,000s because they simply don't like them, etc etc etc

And now they want to tell you how to search?

As the late, great Heath Ledger said as the Joker: He he, ha ha... And I thought MY jokes were bad

I'm not trying to defend Google - but if you use their search engine - why not be better at it? And you can avoid tracking your searches e.g. by using Startpage (which uses Google search but anonymizes your search).

You're probably right about the fine tuning, it would make sense. :)

Some years back, Google introduced this as a "live" course. There was a forum for discussions, and at the end of the course you could earn a "Google Power User" diploma. Probably they have fine-tuned it now using the experiences from that. The course was very good and entertaining - I can only recommend it.