Improve Internet Explorer 9 Security with ActiveX Filtering


The Internet Explorer (IE) series of browsers has always made use of a proprietary Microsoft technology called "ActiveX". (For a quick explanation of what ActiveX is, see this link.) ActiveX is involved in things like displaying PDF files and Flash based videos. Although ActiveX is not supported by any other browser, Microsoft has continued its use in Internet Explorer 9.

Unfortunately, security holes in ActiveX have been a recurring problem and over the years they have been a major route for malware infections.  Although it has been possible to disable ActiveX in IE in previous versions, it is a rather complex procedure based on Internet zones and lacks selectivity. For IE9, Microsoft has added a new feature called “ActiveX filtering” that provides much finer grained configuration. With this feature, you can go on the Internet with ActiveX disabled. You can then enable it for any sites that require it and that you consider safe. It is now much easier to select specific sites. 

For a detailed description of how to use ActiveX filtering in IE9, go to You may have to put up with some irritating ads but the site has a useful guide that is worth looking at by anyone who wants to use IE9 with greater safety. 

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