Important: Update your Kindle ASAP




If you have a Kindle e-reader and you haven't installed the latest critical software patches, your device will stop working in a couple of days. You'll still be able to read existing books on it, but you won't be able to download any more. You should already have received an email about this from Amazon but, if you haven't, you need to do the update now. Check out for full details.

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Always appreciate heads up on things like this. I'll add a warning for others about what the "update" did to my Kindle Paperwhite.

When I allowed the update to my Kindle, ""it totally wiped every book I had loaded (under documents) and for a reason Amazon says they can't explain, it loaded all my wife's books from her Kindle (same Amazon account - separate devices) onto mine.""

Amazon Kindle support was of absolutely no help to explain it or fix it. I had to manually reload all the ebooks I formerly had on my Kindle. Fortunately, I keep my ebook library on my PC.

If you want this update because you download and/or read a lot directly from Amazon, just be prepared for some potential major screw-ups.

I am trying to update my wife's Kindle Paperwhite but cannot tell which version it is. All that I can find is a physical description of the unit itself. Is there some way of confirming the version by looking at a file inside the book? I know that it is running firmware version Kindle 5.7.3 (2882840002) Thanks for your help.

Is not it correct, if update not done by 22, than manually need to download update to a PC and then update kindle via USB ????

This update apparently does not concern other Kindle products, like the Fire tablets. Fire is already running 7.5 or more, and this upgrade seems to be for 5.7 something...

From, it looks like not all Kindle's need the update, these models don't: Kindle Paperwhite 6th Generation (2013) No Update Needed Kindle 7th Generation (2014) No Update Needed Kindle Voyage 7th Generation (2014) No Update Needed Kindle Paperwhite 7th Generation (2015) No Update Needed