Important Security Patch On The Way For Windows; Including XP


When Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP a couple of weeks ago, they made it pretty clear that there would be no more security updates for the 14 year old OS.  Naturally, though, many people wondered what would happen if a severe security flaw was discovered.  Could Microsoft really be seen to leave its existing XP users vulnerable?

Today, we got the answer.  A critical security flaw has been discovered in Internet Explorer that affects all versions from 6 onwards.  If exploited by hackers, it could allow them to install malware on your PC.  Assuming you've got automatic updates enabled on your computer (and only a fool wouldn't), you'll be receiving an update to correct the bug shortly.

Even if you're on XP.

Yup.  Microsoft has accepted that, with more than 20% of Windows users still running XP, leaving this hole unpatched was unwise.  So if you're using XP, it's good to know that you're probably a little bit more protected from major threats than Microsoft originally had us believe.

You don't need to do anything to receive the patch.  It will automatically be downloaded and installed as part of your normal Windows update mechanism. So if you haven't enabled automatic updates, or performed a manual "check for updates" session, now might be a good time to do so.  Just go to Windows Update in the Control Panel.


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"Assuming you've got automatic updates enabled on your computer (and only a fool wouldn't)"

That is a very broad statement. Based on the problematic past "Automatic Updates" has caused for lots of users, that statement almost seems foolish. (pun intended) I use 'Windows Update Downloader' (freeware) that allows me to download every update for my particular O.S. (from security patches to optional M/S offerings) since SP1 in as little as 5, THAT'S FIVE, minutes.
With the use of a '.bat' file I can then install them in about 10, THAT'S TEN, minutes or less.


jorgeem1717, they know what they are doing, microsoft is at war with google and firefox over browsers. They cannot afford to lose a significant section of the browser market.

You know, i didn't think of that...... that is so true... that war will never end and now that FireFox has the new interface by the name Australis the war will continue ....

It find it a little strange that Microsoft update was not installed automatically like they usually are but i guess they know what they are doing or ... do they???