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Free image hosting with great features, a huge collection of interesting images shared by a large community of users.
Wait times for uploading when server is busy.

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Imgur provides a huge collection of interesting images and funny pictures shared by a large community of users, besides offering a free image hosting service for everyone.

On the homepage of the mobile app, you can browse lots of images, which are divided into Popular, Newest or Random in the Most Viral section, or Popular, Rising or Newest in the User Submitted section. Under the Feed tab, you can see the posts that you're following with tags or users.

Besides browsing or searching the images shared by others, you can also use the app to upload yours from the gallery or right away from your device camera. With its compression system, Imgur allows you to upload static images at sizes up to 20 MB, and animated gifs and videos at sizes up to 200 MB for sharing. However, there may be wait times for users when its server receives an extremely high amount of traffic.

For each of the shared images, Imgur allows you to vote up or down, give comments, save favorite images to your profile, or share them with others.

In the user profile page, you can view, edit or delete your own posts, favorites, followings and comments. In the settings, you can edit your profile, manage muted users, or enable mature content that may be suggestive or provocative.


A Free Image Hosting Service and A Great Resource of Funny GIFs for Everyone

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