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A huge collection of movie, TV and celebrity information, easy to search and browse, frequent updates.
Film screening data is local to US users only.

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IMDb, or the Internet Movie Database, has a huge collection of movie, TV and celebrity information for you to watch trailers, read plot summaries, explore photos and biographies, find latest releases and popular charts, rate and share movies.

It would be very unlucky if you can’t find a film title as the database contains details of more than 4 million movie and TV entertainment programs and more than 6 million celebrities, actors and actresses, directors and crew members.

On the app's Homepage, it highlights new trailers, editors’ picks, top news, the movies that are screening and coming soon in cinemas, featured films and polls of best movies. Via respective tabs in the app, most popular movies, TV and celebs are easily accessible, and from the Awards & Events tab, news on academy awards and film festivals as well as Oscar highlights are given.

With this app on your mobile, you can check out best picture winners, top-rated movie and TV shows, celebrity birthdays, interesting news and more, anytime anywhere.

The app also utilizes film screening data from West World Media. However it is only good for US users who can use it to decide where to watch movies, check showtimes and buy local movie tickets.

This local limitation aside, IMDb is useful worldwide with rich and resourceful entertainment information that is frequently updated, definitely a must-have app for any movie lovers and celebrity fans.


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