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i2pdf (image to pdf) is a fast and compact application built to create Adobe PDF documents from a collection of images, typically scanned from a paper source or in form of digital photographs.

It does not require installation, just unzip it.

I'm the author, I wrote the program for myself but maybe someone else can find it useful.


Moderators comments

This is a special purpose tool that does the job it is designed for simply and effectively.

Usage couldn't be simpler: run the .exe, drag and drop your images into the application window then press the "Build PDF" button.

The default options are fine for most users but you can control image quality and size, create thumbnails and play around with page layout if you wish.

The supported image formats are: jpg, png, bmp, tiff and gif.

Overall a useful, portable utility that works well.  It's not for everyone but if you need to create a PDF of images then you need look no further.

Windows XP, Vista, 988KB


Tip: If you want to add multiple images make sure you first uncheck the option "Clear the file list before a drop" in General Options.

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