Hundreds Of Free High-Res Images To Download


In the newspaper publishing industry, a "morgue" file is where you put all the various items that were used in the preparation of a story, once it's been published.  Which is where the inspiration behind the name of the Morgue File web site came from, according to its makers.  It styles itself as the morgue file of the Web, from where you can download hundreds of excellent image files that you can use for free without having to credit anyone.

So if you need a decent photo to illustrate a project, web site etc, is a great place to start your search.



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Can anyone tell me what this means?
You are prohibited from using this work in a stand alone manner. Read the license summary.

I know what read the license summary means. I just cannot really figure out what they mean by "stand alone" manner.
Great find, BTW, but don't wish to have a problem posting these images, down the road...
(I was thinking of using them for the occasional accompanying graphic on Google+)

Thanks in advance, to anyone who has an answer.

*thumbs up*

Thank you, rob! :-)

WOW ! what a find !!
Great, thanks a lot.


Outstanding find, good sir! Super hi-res pix. Thanks!

Good find Robert! :)

An excellent site with a ton of free pics. Thanks very much for this - already downloaded several pics to add to my wallpaper collection. Thanks for this one.

Very nice find Rob!