This HTML Editor Is Free And Cloud-Based


If you need to create or edit a web page, or you just want to learn how HTML works, you need an HTML editor.  Such a program is similar to a standard word processor, except that it knows about HTML markup code that is used by web pages and can therefore help you format it correctly.
As a bonus, some HTML editors include a preview or WYSIWYG mode so that you can see not just your HTML code but also the finished web page layout.
Although there are plenty of good HTML editors for Windows, and indeed some of them are free, you can actually do quite a lot without having to download or install any software at all.  Which, unless you edit a lot of HTML files, might well suffice.
For example, check out for a web-based WYSIWYG system that lets you edit and preview HTML in your browser.  I recently needed to edit a web page, and ended up using this system because it managed to provide every feature I needed.

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