How to Suggest a Hot Product or Web Service

What is a "Hot Find" ?

Whether you fancy yourself as a budding journalist, or you just want to let other people know about something that you've found online, submitting a suggestion for our Hot Finds section is now easier than ever. If published you will be given full credit.

A "hot find" is something that you think will interest users of this site.  For example:

  • A recently discovered freeware program
  • A shareware program at a good-value price
  • A free-download-of-the-day type item
  • A tasty hardware bargain
  • An interesting computer tip
  • A useful computer tutorial or guide on another website
  • A new website likely to be of real interest to our visitors

However, hot finds do not include plugs for commercial products, or your own blog or website!

How to suggest a Hot Find item

Just login to the site to your Gizmos  account and then fill in this short form which will guide you through the process of telling us everything we need to know about your item.  If you don't yet have a site account at Gizmo's Freeware click here to create one now. It's free and immediate.

As soon as you submit your suggestion it will be sent to Robert Schifreen, our User Contributions Manager. All of the best contributions will be published on the site, and you'll get a "byline" so everyone will know who submitted the Hot Find.

So, what are you waiting for?  If there's a great tip, or piece of software, or web site, that you think deserves more users, just click here and tell the world about it.