How to Use Firefox Add-ons


Firefox has tons of useful add-ons that can make your browsing safer, use less bandwidth, grab name it, there's probably an add-on for it. If you're not familiar with Firefox or you use Firefox but aren't sure how to use add-ons, this great step-by-step article tells you how to find, install and manage add-ons. Installing add-ons (also known as extensions) is fast and easy once you know how.
I've been using Firefox since it was born, many years ago (boy, does that date me or what?). It's still my favorite browser. I usually have multiple browsers (with multiple windows open in each browser) open on my computer, and I've tried every other browser for Windows I've come across over the years. Firefox is still my go-to, get it done, day-in day-out favorite, in large part because of the add-ons I use. What are your favorite Firefox add-ons?

How to Use Firefox Add-ons


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I haven't thought of that program in ages, thanks for the reminder. I've been using Pure Text for years instead.

I just used savetexttofile to copy your recommendations and save them to disk...

There is a huge problem looming for all the lovely add-ons currently available. Firefox is changing a lot of stuff and many add-ons will no longer work, even those that could be made to work may not have developers willing to jump through the hoops necessary.

There are genuine forks around that aren't going to suffer like this, perhaps the alternatives would be worth exploring in an article?

Yep, I've been reading quite a bit about it. There are only a few good forks/custom builds that I would use or recommend........Pale Moon is good, Cyberfox is good, I think the best is Waterfox but it's 64 bit only. The other ones I've had various issues with, like Comodo Ice Dragon., UltimateFox, and pcxFirefox.