How to Use Firefox Add-ons


Firefox has tons of useful add-ons that can make your browsing safer, use less bandwidth, grab name it, there's probably an add-on for it. If you're not familiar with Firefox or you use Firefox but aren't sure how to use add-ons, this great step-by-step article tells you how to find, install and manage add-ons. Installing add-ons (also known as extensions) is fast and easy once you know how.
I've been using Firefox since it was born, many years ago (boy, does that date me or what?). It's still my favorite browser. I usually have multiple browsers (with multiple windows open in each browser) open on my computer, and I've tried every other browser for Windows I've come across over the years. Firefox is still my go-to, get it done, day-in day-out favorite, in large part because of the add-ons I use. What are your favorite Firefox add-ons?

How to Use Firefox Add-ons


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I have come to hate software upgrades as they tend to break old favorites.

Can anyone recommend replacements for "All-in-One Sidebar" and "Scrapbook Plus". I find them both indispensable. Scrapbook Plus is particularly problematic as I have a ton of useful information captured over the years which I would hate to loose access to. I have had to resort to turning "signing" off.

BTW - Off topic - Microsoft is just as bad - witness Window 8 and the Office Ribbon - it seems that every alternate release of Windows is a dud.

I used to use Scrapbook, but I started using Evernote instead. Evernote has add-ons for all major browsers.

The combination of Tree Style Tabs and Bartab Heavy are vital to my Firefox experience. Looks like Chrome finally got something similar, but it seems to still be in beta.

OneTab is pretty great too.

I used to be a big fan of Flashblock, but alas, it's been misbehaving lately.

You don't need Flashblock, go to Add-ons > Plugins and use the selector box on the RHS to set Flash to Ask to Activate. Just click on any content you want to run.

That's the same setting I use. :)

I've noticed that Flash content is fading away slowly (for which I'm quite thankful) and more HTML5 is being used.

As others have reported, I, too, have had it up to HERE with Firefox's freezing because of one non-responding tab. I quit using Firefox about 3 months ago and went to Google Chrome (with some security addons, of course). I won't go back until the freezing problem is fixed. Just makes the browser useless.

Hmmm, I wonder what that's about. I've never had that problem on any of my systems, or on the systems that I'm responsible for (family and friends).

I won't even consider using other browsers until the other guys come up with extensions to compare with Ffox's Flashgot (and/or Downloadhelper).

I've been trying to use SlimJet but I find I often have to revert to IE or Chrome to load a page. Either there needs to be some changes to the programming of SlimJet or people creating the pages need to make sure SlimJet works too.

SlimJet is suppose to be like Chrome but smaller. When it works on a page it's great. I also have a couple pages that won't show the price for an item (HP comes to mind) in Chrome so I have to go to IE. We use to say it is the HTML programmers that are at fault - now I wonder. Maybe there are too many browsers out there? And didn't Firefox come out of the old Netscape?

AddOns: Ghostery (which I have to shut off at times), Hover Zoom, Google translate and Adblock are my gotos. I also like Norton Protection.

I've had problems with Ghostery breaking web pages even when it was off. I usually use uBlock Origin, other times I use Disconnect.

If you're looking for a Google Chrome alternative you might want to take a look at UC Browser. I've been using it for a while now and I really like it. It's probably the fastest browser I've used. Apparently it's been around for some time as a mobile browser and not too long ago they developed the desktoop version that I use. Two issues I've noted are that it leaves a Facebook icon on your desktop unasked for, and for some reason, the images I save with that browser come up as read-only.

Tencent PC Manager comes up with the following:

"The downloaded file contains threat! Malware: Win32.Trojan.Generic.ruer. This is a risky file. It may collect your personal identification information, attack system and connect with hackers to control your computer without you knowing it."

I've used Tencent for a long time and have only had it come up a couple times with this type of warning. I think I'll pass. :-( Might have something to do with a FB icon showing up on your desktop? :-(

It could be a false positive, that happens so often I don't consider it a reliable indicator. I'd test it with some other anti-virus programs or run it through VirusTotal - most of the Gizmo's crew use VirusTotal to check files.

The correct term for the identification is: "Win32.Trojan.Generic.heur". This makes it a generic detection based on heuristic analysis which is always a 95% good bet for a false positive. This case is no different and unfortunately Tencent is well known for false positives.

"Download shield gives a lot of false positive. So disable it".

"However, as someone who downloads and installs software daily, I have seen too many false positives for my liking".

"At the bottom of the table, AVG continued its largely disappointing run with a 93.4 percent detection rate (Windows alone blocked 88.4 percent ); only Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ 1.1, Tencent QQ PC Manager 8.9 and Ahnlab V3 Internet Security 8.0 did worse".

MC - Site Manager.

Thanks MC. :)

I've used Firefox since its beginning. Firefox continues to have the problem of letting one non-responding tab freeze the entire browser.

I used to avoid add-ons, but I now use several because they are so useful:
Self-Destructing Cookies
SSL Version Control
uBlock Origin

I'd just like to point out that the full name of the browser is Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding).

You're correct. :)

My favorite browser is Comodo IceDragon which is also based on Firefox. I prefere it to Palemoon. No problems with add-ons.

I took your advice and set up IceDragon, and to my surprise it seems to run all FF addons, unlike Palemoon. However... you can't set it as the default browser if you use it in portable mode - - insane. Yes, I know I can set it to the default reader of each page type, but what a nuisance.

My 'can't browse without' FF add-ons are:

  • Ghostery
  • HTTPS-Everywhere
  • WOT
  • Lastpass
  • uBlock

Despite the numerous updates and less control over unverified add-ons FF is still my default browser!

Ah, another enthusiast. :) My current list of add-ons:
Copy Plain Text 2
Element Properties (returns the Properties menu item that disappeared in Firefox 3.6)
FEBE (Backup and restore any or all of Firefox, includes scheduled backups)
Nimbus Screen Capture
Open Bookmarks in New Tab
Pure URL (removes all garbage like "utm_source=*" from URLs - if you copy as many URL's as I do this is a lifesaver)
Right Links (right-click to open links in new tabs (for touchpads etc.)
Social Disconnect Plus) removes all social media contents (i.e. Facebook like button) from websites)
uBlock Origin


I preferred Palemoon until it strayed far afield and inportant addons stopped working, Adblock plus for example. The Palemoon version makes it extremely difficult to block portions of pages. Firefox has it's own faults, but I've been able to overcome them satisfactorily if not completely. not so with Palemoon. So I hold Cyberfox in reserve just in case, but the developers irritate me because updates are far more of a nuisance.

Yep, I agree. Cyberfox doesn't share the same profile folder like some of the others do so it's a bit of a nuisance to migrate bookmarks, add-ons etc. I use FEBE for that.

Can you believe I never thought of that? I just change the path in the .ini file to that of my Firefox profile, but I believe when you do a Cyberfox update, it changes it back (I haven't updated for a while).

FF with Add on's, absolutely the best. Just upgraded to v.43.0.1, most of my add on's work but those that didn't I quickly found replacements. My Favs:
Addblock plus: removes popups and other ads.
Video DownloadHelper 4.8.6
Download Statusbar Fixed: Shows download bar at bottom of screen.
New Tab Override (browser.newtab.url replacement) : To have new tabs open with Google.
NoiaButtons: 2.0.3 or more Colorizes icons in the menu bar.
Tabs on Bottom: Makes tabs go below bookmark toolbar.
Themes / Personas:
YouTube High Definition
Colorful Tabs:
Copy Plain Text 2: Allows you to copy even url's as plain text.
Interclue: Replaces CoolPreviews, previews linked pages.
NewScrollbars: Makes scrollbars various colors and a glassy look.
TinyURL Generator:
Thumbnail Zoom Plus: Larger view of Google Images.
Options> Default Zoom, 94% > Uncheck 'show captions'

Since the Adobe flash issues cropped up last spring I've had several issues with Firefox on a number of fronts. If it weren't for the great benefits of the add-ons I would have abandoned the browser by now. Adblock Plus is a no brainer. Stylish (in conjunction with the userstyles website) provides a lot of customization options for many of the popular sites like Google, You-tube, Facebook, Twitter etc. No squint is handy for laptop users who want to have all web pages fit their screen properly. Ghostery and Privacy Badger are useful addons for keeping trackers at bay.

Great list. Copy Plain Text 2 is one of those "must have" add-ons for me.

I find StripMail ( really helpful to convert *any* clipboard content to plaintext (not just from Firefox or emails). It also removes pictures, > and |. I have a shortcut pinned to my taskbar with the target:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\StripMail\stripmail.exe" -d -x
The switches are: -d (Do It All) and -x (Exit)

Although StripMail isn't an FF add on, I have had it for years and find it very useful. Started by using it on emails that had all those >>> in them. Still great for that and converting text to Paragraphs.

It is a good program. :)

Luckily it's rare I get any emails with those >>> in them.