How Much Is Your Currency Worth?


XE Currency iconXE CurrencyThis remarkable app XE Exchange is great for you to check out exchange rates of world currencies. For this purpose alone, it works at any rate better than another finance app Bloomberg reviewed here.

Either you're travelling and would like to exchange your monies into foreign currencies, or you're holding some foreign stocks and would like to calculate their values in your base currency, get this popular currency exchange app for free.

You can be assured of this app being reputable and reliable as the Canadian-based company that develops this app also provides exchange rate information on its web site that ranks among the top 400 sites in the world, besides offering XE Trade money transfers to various countries.

When you first you use it, XE Currency has a brief tour to guide you through. You can tap an item to pin your base currency to the top, or hold and drag to reorder other currencies on the list. Exchange rates are updated every minute online against the base currency.

For ease of use, this app is built in with a calculator on your base currency. Enter any amount of your base currency to exchange for other currencies in their equivalent amounts, and simply shake your device to return the base currency amount to 1.

If you like to see a history of exchange rates, check out its currency chart configurable at your choice, from any currency to another, and for any period such as a day, a week, a month, a year and up to 10 years.

This app works offline as well but it is then based on the currency rates stored when you last ran the app online.


XE Currency

For Android
Size: 17 MB

For iPhone and iPad
Size: 11.8 MB

For Windows 8
Size: 0.6 MB


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Its got a lot of advertisements, which I do not like.

I use this one,

Pros: It works well. It is light weight. It updates daily and can work offline, which is really handy if you are travelling. It allows you to add a surcharge from bank fees.

Cons: One currency when you are in countries like Vietnam, they sometimes work in two currencies, Vietnam Dongs and US dollars and its a pain having to switch the software if you like me are an Australian back and forwards.