How To Get Coordinates from Google Maps?


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When you drive a car with automotive navigation system, it may be hard to search a destination with an address, of which the road name is not identified in the system.

Not known to many, it's indeed more effective and accurate to use geographical or GPS coordinates to search a place in car navigation system or even on Google Maps. GPS coordinates provide a location’s latitude and longitude, like 48.860618, 2.337987 in decimal degrees respectively.

You can easily get coordinates of a place on Google Maps in a web browser. Head to, right-click a location on the map and select "What's here?". The coordinates are indicated right below the address.

However if you’re on the move and run the current version of Google Maps on an Android device, the app does not consistently show GPS coordinates at some locations. Thankfully this shortage can be overcome by using this great tiny app, Maps Coordinates, which extends the features of Google Maps to calculate coordinates of any location for you.

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Nice! And I had so far extra application for that reason. Thanks

Check out Open Location Codes, brought to us (with very little fanfare) by one of the folks at Google:

I am using Map Coordinates by S & S Development, which does more than what is mentioned in this post. In addition to things mentioned above, it has an option to save the gps coordinates directly into the address book / contacts. This is very helpful, which saves me from the effort of searching the coordinates over the map and has the convenience of storing the address related data in the one place, ie. phone's contacts.

Download from play store: