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Website Shortcut

Due to the strong growth of the smartphone market, the share of mobile phone website traffic is increasing every year, with more than half of all website traffic generated through mobile phones worldwide in recent years according to Statista.

If you also use your mobile phone to visit some particular websites regularly, you may find it more convenient and time-saving to go to the websites straight away from the homescreen with just one tap, without going through a huge collection of bookmarks saved inside a browser.

To ease your task, some browsers have already allowed you to create a shortcut on the homescreen to access a webpage you like.

Adding a webpage shortcut to the homescreen using a browser takes only about two steps. For example, in Chrome, tap the three-dot menu on the top right while on a webpage, select "Add to Home Screen"; In Firefox, select "Page" from the three-dot menu, then tap "Add Page Shortcut".

Like app icons, webpage shortcuts added from the browsers will appear as icons on the homescreen. However, shortcut icons may look the same if they refer to the same website.

As an alternative, here is an Android app known as Website Shortcut that allows you to add webpage shortcuts to the homescreen with icons of your choice. Give it a try.

Website ShortcutWebsite Shortcut




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